LEONARD METAL DESIGN offers services in restoration of heritage iron work, wrought iron restoration, metal-antiques, antique furniture, repairing cast iron panels, french antiques, polishes and preserves any ancient metal object. LEONARD METAL DESIGN is specialised in medieval-gothic restoration, preserving and restoring historical weapons, armors, swords, coat of arms, repairing zinc pressed ceiling panels, restoring Art Deco ornamental iron work, Palazzo architectural style in bronze, copper and brass.

In restoring process, it is crucial to have a necessary historical knowledge, skill flexibilities, progressive technique ideas, precision and most importantly patience. We can cope or imitate any missing element to match the original medium-material and to match the original finish and the historical style. Wealth of our experience and old master techniques turns any antique from ordinary to extraordinary. Leonard Metal Design offers traditional metal techniques in heritage restoration such as:

process-PressedZincCeiling before-Ceiling-Restoration after-ZincCeiling-Repair
  • bronze colouring and patina
  • brass polishing
  • copper polishing
  • blacksmith black oil finish
  • traditional edging techniques
  • hand engraving
  • bronze cladding
  • stainless steel cladding
  • manufacturing of coat of arms
  • metal-incrustation
  • metal chiseling
  • traditional-metal joining techniques
  • annealing Metals
  • silver solder


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