Team LeonardLMD offers services in design and manufacture of HIGH END wrought iron, exterior- interior architectural metal work, heritage restoration, metal furniture and sculpture. LMD specializes in bringing an individual and unique ideas to the design process, merging traditional techniques with new contemporary elements.

Company mission

  • to bring the best of the ancient European metal crafts to Australia.
  • to significantly rise up standard and qualities of metal work in Australia


LMD illustrates your vision into a metal object of functionality and beauty with the closest precision. Your work identifies your feelings and personalities. It is our legacy to match your visions much beyond ordinary.

About Leonard

Director Leonard Sabol studied at School of Artistic Crafts Bratislava, Slovakia from 1993 to 1997. After four years of intensive training He became fully qualified in the field of Artistic blacksmith and locksmith. On the bases of extraordinary achievement and rare specialise qualification, Leonard has been granted his Permanent status in Australia as a distinguished talent. Thanks to a modern Australian culture, Leonard has freed himself from strong European historical architectural influence. He has developed a sense for powerful detail with emphasis for sharp edges, sleek lines and intricate finishes.

Leonard has founded his first Metal Work Business at the age of 23 in Slovakia, mostly working for strong individuals, private clienteles, politicians and so on.

Winning number of Awards , working for many Australian metal working businesses , his ambition made him travel to hone his skills. He traveled to France-Provence-Alpes-Cote D’Azur, Western – England – Callow, Austria- Graz, Czech republik- Hrad Helfstin, Slovak republik- Bratislava. Further on, he’s personally undertaken studies from Master Professor Alfred Habermann-the world authority in Artistic Blacksmith and Heritage Restoration at Castle Helfstin – HEFAISTOS which is also the largest blacksmith exhibition in the world.

Leonard was also strongly influenced by artistic tinkering, wire-craft. He, later on, undertook more studies and development of tinkering from 3rd generation MGR Ladislav Jurovaty. Leonard progressively transformed traditional wire craft techniques with a combination of forged metal as a new medium into a sculpture and a contemporary architectural element. This unique combination brings him a lot of attention and unimaginative potential in modern design.

Since the past 6 years, Leonard is actively involved into sculptures. Since 2007, He personally performed at Sculpture By The Sea, the world largest outdoor sculpture exhibition, successfully building and selling large scale stainless steel sculptures, also commissioning projects for other sculptors and designers. Leonard is co-working with Australian iconic sculptors and architects such as AM Tom Bass, OAM Ron Robertson-Swann, Campbell Robertson-Swann – Defiance Gallery, Gergely & Pinter Architects…

Leonard is exhibiting his latest works in Dubai galleries and learning forgotten techniques of Middle East such as silver metal incrustation, gold stainless steel and so on. Leonard Metal Design company is a result of extensive knowledge and skills that guaranties distinctive and unique metal work.


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